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ACP: Student Services

ACP: For Algoma School District Students

Student’s own and control the direction of their ACP process. Students are ultimately responsible for completing the portfolio requirements within their ACP, and following through with the goals and directions they establish within their plan, all with the support from parents, educators, and mentors along the way.

ACP Student Services:

Four Stages of a Student’s Academic and Career Planning

The Department of Public Instruction has defined the four stages of Academic and Career Planning:

Know, Explore, Plan, Go!

Students in the Algoma School District will have the opportunity to explore each of the stages as it relates to their individual journey.

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4 Steps to Academic Career Planning

Academic Career Planning: Know

This stage of Academic and Career Planning is about students developing an awareness of self. Through collaborative conversations with parents, educators, and the community, students will have multiple opportunities to develop an understanding of their personal interests, skills, values, and strengths.

Self Awareness (KNOW)

Students will engage in:

  • Periodic self-assessment of interests and strengths
  • Reflection and goal-setting
  • Financial knowledge and understanding of resources
  • Academic courses and skill preparation
  • Behavioral and employability skill preparation


Academic & Career Planning: Explore

This stage is about students discovering and learning about the many academic and career opportunities available based on a foundational awareness and understanding of interests, skills, values, and strengths. This exploration stage will help students narrow down the options to further explore pathways that fit them best, so that they may begin planning a course of action.

Career Exploration (EXPLORE)

  • Middle school career exploration activities and opportunities
  • High school career exploration activities and opportunities
  • World of work and labor market needs
  • Understanding and comparing different post secondary education and training

The Workforce and Labor Market
It is important to have an understanding of the jobs available within our state and community in order to develop a realistic postsecondary plan. However, the labor market is constantly changing and it can be difficult to get an up-to-date snapshot of current and future employment projections. Through Career Cruising, all students have access to labor market information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other local data sources, as well as projections from across the 16 career clusters that will help inform their ACP journey.

Academic & Career Planning: Plan

The planning stage is all about connecting the dots from student’s short and long-term goals to what they need to know and do in order to successfully navigate after high school. The plan will help students take the appropriate courses, extracurriculars, and experiences that will enhance each student’s plan.

Throughout this stage, students will utilize Career Cruising as well as other school-designated resources/tools to help them develop and document their academic and career plans.

Career Planning (PLAN)

  • Planning skills
  • The middle school plan
  • The high school plan
Academic & Career Planning: Go

Remember, there is no wrong pathway to success, and through ACP we will ensure that all students travel the road to adulthood equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be successful in tomorrow’s workforce.

Career Management (GO)

  • Executing the plan
  • Updating the plan with new information and artifacts
  • Conferencing and mentoring
  • Transitioning ACP components