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Live Algoma

Algoma is a small rural community working towards improving the health and wellness of our community through access to high quality nutrition, exercise, financial, recreation, and mental health services.

With a growing poverty rate, Live Algoma is committed to developing equal opportunities for all of our citizens through each of our five focal points Healthy Children, Healthy Individuals, Healthy Community, Healthy Employers, while ultimately contributing back to the Healthy Commons.

We are seeking a community that has leveraged local assets in terms of nutritional improvement while also providing avenues for holistic health and wellness.

Areas of Focus for our Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) Work

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Video created by Algoma High School student John Holliday

  • Employer Purpose: to build a culture of health and wellness for its’ employees
  • Contribution to the Commons: an employer sponsors a local run/walk community event
  • Measure: Reduced healthcare costs and improved employee health.

Jamie Spitzer
Healthy Employers Lead
Precision Machine, LLC

  • Individual Purpose: develop positive health and lifestyle habits
  • Contribution to the Commons: an individual offers to teach a gardening class at the community wellness center
  • Measure: 70% of individuals take the Live Algoma Pledge and commit to making one simple change

Jody Anderson
Healthy Individuals Team Lead
Registered Nurse and
Certified Health Coach
Bellin Health and
Succeed Health, LLC

  • Child’s Purpose: choose appropriate health, lifestyle and learning resources to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Contribution to the Commons: students volunteer by offering orientations at the community wellness center.
  • Measure: Children graduate from school ready for life (i.e. to enter workforce or college with earned credits.)

Teal VanLanen
Healthy Children Team Lead
Community Activator
Algoma School District
Improvement Advisor

  • Community Purpose: facilitate collective action around improving the social determinants of health.
  • Contribution to the Commons: guarded crds-walks are installed and secured to allow for safe walking/running.
  • Measure: Shift in Community Health Rankings/Social Determinants (i.e. Obesity, Alcohol)
D. Robertson

David Robertson
Healthy Community Team Lead
Vocal Music Teacher and
Athletics Director
Algoma School District

  • Purpose of the Commons: a collection of resources and assets which are the foundation for a sustainable, vibrant community where Employers, Individuals, Children and the Community join together to protect, nurture, develop and utilize the collective resources.
Algoma Wellness Center


The Rest of the Live Algoma SCALE Team

N. Cochart

Nick Cochart
Live Algoma Champion
MS/HS Principal
Algoma School District

Pete Knox
Chief Innovation and Learning Officer
Executive VP
Bellin Health

John Pabich
The Commons Team Lead
Independent Contractor
Algoma School Board Member
Algoma School District

Partner Organizations

Algoma School District

WS Packaging Group

Kewaunee County Food Pantry

Algoma Parks and Recreation Department

Bellin Health

City of Algoma

Algoma Community Wellness Center

Ebert Farms

M3 Insurance

Kewaunee County Police Department

Kewaunee County Health and Human Services

Precision Machine

Stick to it Fitness

Succeed Health

UW Extension

WPS Health Insurance/Arise Health Plan