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Ski Club

Algoma High School Ski Club
Advisors:  Guy Haasch: 255-2872  | John LeBotte: 559-3006  | Karrie LeBotte 255-0913

Algoma High School Ski Club 2016-2017 Dates

September 20, 2016    Meeting at break. Hand out permission slips.

October 4, 2016       Collect all permission slips & $20 dues (before school in cafeteria)

October 18, 2016     Fruit Sale begins. Pick up forms before school in  cafeteria.

November. 8, 2016       Fruit forms and ALL MONEY is due. Will be collected before school in cafeteria.

December 5, 2016       Fruit to be delivered this week. Pick up in shop area.  (If interested in helping out..Please let Advisors Know Guy 255-2872, John 559-3006 or Karrie 255-0913)

January 3, 2017       Permission slips to be handed out. Parents to complete and return. Collect before school in cafeteria. (For Three day and/or one day trip)

January 12, 2017     Collect Permission slips and money due for trip before  school in cafeteria. (For Three day or one day trip)

January 15, 2017     Possible one day ski trip.

January 23, 2017     Grades will be checked. Must be passing in order to go on trip!

January 24, 2017     Room Assignments will be posted on Ski Club Board.

January 24, 2017     Meeting during break to go over rules for 3 day trip in Little Theater.

February 2, 2017       Green Permission Slips due to the office.

February 4-6, 2017    Three Day Trip!!!! Enjoy!!!