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01/12/18: Setting Goals, Focus, & Achieving Your Dreams

January 12, 2018 Setting Goals, Focus, & Achieving Your Dreams. Presenter: Corrie Zimmerman

“What do you want? Were you born ordinary or extraordinary?”
Find your passion, set goals, achieve your dreams, define success

“Who do you listen to?”
Associate yourself with people who have what you want.
You are the average of your five closest friends.

“Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you! Be a Lion”
Spend your time wisely

Corie Zimmerman – Corie graduated from Algoma in 1990 and furthered his education by attending St. Norbert College in 1994 where he obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration. Now, Corie is a Production Manager at WS Packaging, Algoma and has been coaching for 27 years in the Algoma athletic system