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10/27/17: I Wish Someone Had Told Me This in High School

October 27, 20177
I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me This in High School, Presenter: Gary Cole

In the speech “I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me This in High School,” Gary Cole talks about his journey through life from maintaining greatness to addiction and poverty. Cole expresses the importance of avoiding drugs and alcohol, as “one time” is enough to get you hooked. He admits to his past issues with substance abuse and how it cost him two marriages and many other important aspects of his life.

Cole starts his speech by exclaiming how successful he was in high school and college, as well as how much more successful his friend Jim was in high school. Both Jim and Gary excelled at academics and athletics. In college, Cole exclaims he was presented with “The Outstanding Student Award,>” out of nearly 20,000 students.

Gary continues his speech to inform us that these achievements do not always formulate a positive future. Cole suffered from drug abuse and alcoholism. He went through two divorces, homelessness, incarceration, and depression. Unfortunately, Jim experienced the same situations, including four divorces and spending time in prison.

Cole seeked help for his addictions, and started to build his future back up. He shared some valuable advice on the type of people he wants everyone to become to avoid getting into similar situations. Cole proclaimed that this was his most important speech he has ever given because it could save someone from enduring substance abuse.

Gary listed the things he wished he knew in high school, including treating others the way you want to be treated and to always put family first. Cole spoke about the most successful man he knew, and how he was incredibly lonely for ignoring his family for so many years. Overall, Gary Cole has overcome incredible obstacles in his life. Cole hopes to teach people how to avert the same hardships he encountered in his life. He used the quote “A wise person learns by the mistakes of others, a fool makes the same mistake,” to clarify how passionate he is to share his story and hopefully save a life.