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11/17/17: How to change when change is hard

November 17, 2017: How to change when change is hard.

How to change when change is hard.
Presenter: Madison Robertson

Is there an improvement you want to make in your life? Does the goal seem insurmountable and unreachable? Learn how to take control of your rational and emotional mind. Discover tools like the “PDSA” cycle and how you can apply that knowledge to shrink the change of your audacious goals into smaller parts, and embrace the uncertainty or “failing forward” moments you will experience along your way.

About Madison Robertson
Madison is in her senior year at Algoma High School and immerses herself in studying and practicing meaningful change. She spends her time supporting and guiding others along their path¨ and continuously builds her own leadership capacity. She is passionate about the Ways of Being and concepts of Live Algoma and strives to spread and scale them in the Algoma School District¨ the City of Algoma¨ and beyond.