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3/16/18: Implicit Bias. Making the Invisible Visible

Implicit Bias.  Making the Invisible Visible
Presenter: Melvin Jackson


While we may be aware of our conscious attitudes toward others, we are typically clueless when it comes to our unconscious (or implicit) biases.  You can be two people at the same time: a conscious self who firmly believes you do not have any bias against others because of their social identities, and an unconscious self who harbors stereotypes or biased attitudes that unknowingly leak into decisionmaking and behaviors.  The good news is that we can work to redirect and re-educate our unconscious mind to break down stereotypes and biases.


Melvin Jackson Melvin Jackson, MSPH, has over 36 years of experience in public health research and program coordination. Over the past 15 years, he has served as Program Manager/Program Director for Project DIRECT, the largest community-based demonstration project in the nation addressing the health disparity of diabetes. Melvin Jackson is also the project director for Strengthening the Black Family, Inc.  Mr. Jackson has helped launched the North Carolina Community Health Leadership Roundtable, Inc. The goal of this effort is to help Community Based Organizations and Community Leaders gain skills, knowledge and a network of peers to better position them to engage in community partnerships focused on addressing health disparities.