Help the DI Team Project Superheroes 3.0 build a Human Ice Cream Sundae Out of 2 Teachers!

All voting money and Topping Money Must Be Brought In By Wednesday, May 15, 2019.  The sundaes will be created on Friday, May 17, 2019 after the team presents its Challenge solution to the school one more time before leaving for Kansas City, MO to compete at Global Finals.

How It Works
Start bringing in your pennies and vote for the 2 teachers you want to be part of the Human Sundae. 1 penny in the can = 1 vote. Any other coins or bills placed in that can count against those votes.

Vote for: Ms. Neveau, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Nesst, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Schmidt, or Mrs. Koss

To build the sundaes you pay:

$1 to add a small topping or ice cream scoop to the sundae
$3 to add a large topping or ice cream scoop to the sundae

You must sign up & bring your money in by Wednesday, May 15.

This is a DI Global Finals fund fundraiser.

Thank you for supporting our DI team’s trip to Kansas City!