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Lockdown Drill To Be Held Within The Algoma School District

To All Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for choosing the Algoma School District to provide educational services to your child. We are proud to be able to serve you and your children and we will continually strive to provide a safe learning environment for them. 

The safety of your child and all children in our schools as well as the safety of the school staff and support personnel is very important to us. In order to maintain a safe environment for our children to study and learn, it is necessary that we practice our emergency and crisis response plans by having drills designed to exercise our procedures. 

Due to the current national climate that we live in, we will be conducting various drills throughout the remainder of the school year with a lockdown drill on May 31st, 2019. This letter is to help you understand the importance of this as well as to understand each type of drill. 

The students and staff of your school will be practicing 4 primary emergency drills each year. They are “FIRE DRILLS”; “LOCKDOWN DRILLS”; “SHELTER-IN-PLACE DRILLS”, and “EVACUATION DRILLS”. Each type of drill is explained below. 

The school will conduct a “fire drill” each month that school is in session. This is a Fire Code requirement as well as a requirement for all public schools. We want each student to understand and be aware of the importance of this drill and not be afraid when the fire alarm is sounded. By practicing they will know what to do and how to do it. 

The school will conduct one “Lockdown Drill” periodically throughout each school year. This type of drill will secure the school building and safely shelter all students, staff and visitors inside the building. The purpose of this drill is to keep the students safe from any danger outside or inside the building. During a “lockdown drill” all the perimeter doors to the school building will be locked and will remain locked until the danger or issue outside or inside the building is removed. To enable everyone to remain safe, no one will be allowed to enter the building or leave the building until the drill is completed. 

The “Shelter-in-Place” drill will be conducted each school year. The purpose of this drill is to be prepared to move to a safe location within the building in case of severe weather or tornados. 

During an “Evacuation Drill”, students will be safely escorted along a designated evacuation route to one of our pre-determined evacuation sites. At the conclusion of the drill, all students will be escorted back to the school.“