Algoma School District Child Development Screening 2020

Child Development Screening  will be held at Algoma Elementary School on Thursday, February 20, 2020, from 4-7 PM and Friday, February 21, 2020,  from 8-11AM.

Child Development Screening is an opportunity for children with a birthday between 9/1/2015 and 12/31/2017 to be screened. If your child is between 2 and 4 years of age and has never been screened, or if you have concerns about their development, please call to schedule an appointment.

The screening is not mandatory to be able to register your  child for 4K, but all children living in the district are strongly encouraged to attend regardless of where you plan to send your child to school.

Our mission is to provide parents with:

  • an opportunity to assess your child’s development
  • information on child development
  • the possibility of hearing/vision screening (depending on availability of equipment)
  • the opportunity for your child to play and interact with peers in a small group setting as well as have our team assess their development in the areas of cognition, motor, personal-social, speech & language, and self-help skills through observations and small tasks.

There is no cost to families for the screening. The screenings will take place at the Algoma Elementary School, 514 Fremont St. Algoma, WI.

Please sign up for a screening time for your child by February 10, 2020, at this link.

For for help registering/questions call Rachel Schneider, Early Childhood Teacher, at 487-7001 ext 1100.

After you are registered, we will mail you developmental inventories to fill out at home and return at the screening as this will give us information about your child’s development at home. If you are not able to make the screening, you can also call and we can mail the developmental inventories to your home for you to fill out and return to school to see if there are any concerns we need to look into.

By age 3 most children:

  • are understood by family 75% of the time speak in short sentences
  • answer simple questions
  • understand most things said to him/her enjoy listening to story books
  • begin to play with other children
  • enjoy helping adults
  • match primary colors
  • dress self with help
  • walk up and down stairs-one foot per step pedal a tricycle
  • snip with small scissors
  • draw lines with a crayon

By age 4 most children:

  • speak clearly; are understood most of the time
  • use language to express emotions
  •  frequently ask questions and demand a response
  • participate in rhyming games
  •  talk about pictures in a book
  • enjoy pretend play with children
  • can point to or name at least 4 colors
  • catch a large ball tossed to them
  • know full name, age, and gender
  • cut paper with scissors
  • jump forward or over an object
  • draw a circle
  • rote count to 10, and count at least 3 objects