Packerland Schools Statement: 

During this phase, all schools in the Packerland Conference continue to work together, in order to have uniform, clear, and safe guidelines moving forward. Phase 2 is based on current information and could change based on specific information provided by local and state organizations. 


Specific sport practices and competitions are outlined in the WIAA-Summer Guide Sport-Specific document.  

The Wisconsin Department of Human Services outlines the level of risk throughout the state of Wisconsin, by county. See chart on this page.

Expectations for Packerland Schools: 

  • DHS determines level of risk for each individual county 
  • WIAA sport specific document sets expectations for activities during level of risk
  • Schools throughout the Packerland will enforce the level of risk determined by DHS and will require specific sports to follow the sport specific guidelines with that level of risk, as published by the WIAA.

Schools will follow WIAA sport specific guidelines 

Competition will only take place when both teams counties have an activity level of low in the DHS chart. 

This document is subject to change with guidance from WIAA, DHS and your local county health department.