ASD April 2021 Forward Exam Schedule

The Wisconsin Forward Exam is designed to gauge how well students are doing in relation to the Wisconsin Academic Standards.  These standards outline what students should know and be able to do in order to be college and career ready. The Forward Exam is administered online in the spring of each school year at:

  • grades 3-8 in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics,
  • grades 4 and 8 in Science and,
  • grades 4, 8, and 10 in Social Studies.

Accommodations and supports for students with disabilities and/or English language learners are built into the system so that the progress of students can be accurately measured.

The Forward Exam is a high quality, research-based, and affordable online assessment that meets Wisconsin’s expectations. It is a customized assessment with innovative item types that includes test items reviewed and approved by Wisconsin educators.

Algoma School District students in grades 7, 8, & 1o, will be taking the Forward State exams the week of April 12 – 16, 2021 and students in grades  3-6 will be taking the Forward State exams the week of April 19, 2021. The schedule for when during the week each grade level will be testing is below. This standardized test is based on Wisconsin’s educational standards and is used to determine the adequate yearly progress of students at the school, district, and state levels.

AMS AHS Forward Exam Schedule

AES Forward Exam Schedule

Some ways you can help your student as caregivers get through their Forward testing blocks are listed below:

• Make sure your student goes to bed early and gets a good night’s rest.
• Have your child eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast, so they have adequate brain fuel.
• Dress your child in layers, so that they are not distracted by being too hot or too cold.
• Make sure your child is at school on time.
• Help your child relax. Remind them to breathe, take their time, and try their best!