Are you in high school or a recent graduate? Are you interested in Engineering? 

The NWTC Engineering Helper Certificate Summer Program is for you! 

One class is offered per week. Take just one class or take all four and jump start your career! All courses run from 8:00am-4:00pm with a 30 minute lunch break.

What will you learn?’

  • You can take just one course or up to four key introductory courses that can be applied to many engineering technologies degrees at NWTC. All four courses complete the Engineering Helper certificate.

Class schedule and competencies include introductions to

  • Fluids 1, June 14-17, 2021, Class #51712: What fluid power is and how it is used to control equipment, implement basic pneumatic circuits, schematics, and properties of fluids.
  • Automation 1, June 21-24, 2021, Class #51714 : Electric motor control components such as switches, relays, starters, transformers; and labs to safely mount and install motor and control components
  • Automation 2, June 28-July 1, 2021, Class #51715 (requires Automation 1 completion):  More electric motor control components such as sensors, timers and counters.
  • DC 1, July 5-9, 2021, Class #51716: The concepts of DC electricity and simple series circuits

What’s unique about this offering?

  • In person – hands-on! You will be in a unique cohort of students just like you with offerings in special “one week per class” format.
  • You may qualify for special funding that can be used to pay for your classes if you take three or more. More information here.

Contact Jill Thiede, Associate Dean, or call 920-498-5663

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