Algoma School District Academic & Career Planning (ACP)

Algoma School District Academic Career & Planinng LogoMission Statement: Academic and Career Planning (ACP) within the Algoma School District utilizes the resources of our community to connect the passions and interests of every student with career goals and a life of learning opportunities


Wisconsin public school districts are required to provide Academic and Career Planning (ACP) services to all students in grades 6-12 beginning in the 2017-18 school year.

ACP is intended to equip students and their families with the tools necessary to make more informed choices about postsecondary education and training as it leads to careers.

Making Productive Adults With Satisfying Careers

All academic preparation coupled with career awareness, career exploration, and career planning and management activities are incorporated into a student’s educational experiences. When this occurs, students have the best chance of creating a realistic picture of what they need to do and which routes to take in order to achieve their dreams.

ACP is part of our overall vision for every student to graduate ready for further education and the workplace. That means our students must be competent both socially and emotionally. We want our students to be strong critical thinkers, to be able to collaborate and solve real-world problems, and persevere when things aren’t quite going their way. When put together, it’s really about making them productive adults with satisfying careers.

Algoma School District ACP at a Glance

  • ACP is based on every student’s INDIVIDUAL interests, passions, and goals
  • ACP empowers students to EXPLORE career options, NOT COMMIT to a career
  • ACP is STUDENT DRIVEN process that allows students to build a plan focusing on short and long-term goals
  • ACP honors ALL post-secondary options including military, apprenticeship, certification, technical college, and university, recognizing that people move in and out of different paths throughout their lives as needed
  • ACP INVITES EVERYONE to support students including teachers, administrators, families, and community members as stakeholders in the process
  • ACP provides students and families with the information needed to make INFORMED CHOICES for education, training, and careers while maximizing financial resources
  • ACP DOES NOT REPLACE THE IEP or PTP. ACP goals will coordinate with IEP and PTP goals to enhance the student’s transition process

This multi-year long-range plan illustrates the district’s efforts to strategically implement the requirements of PI 26 Education for Employment with Academic and Career Planning (ACP).This plan is developed to help students, parents, and community members understand how the Education for Employment with ACP programs and services are implemented in the school district.  The components listed in required legislation include:

  • Providing ACP services to students in grades 6-12.
  • Developing a long-range plan with stakeholders and approved by the school board.
  • Incorporating the long-range plan into the school district’s overall strategic plan.
  • Publishing the plan on the school district’s website.
  • Reviewing the plan annually.

Required legislation also outlines the specific areas that must be addressed in the long-range plan.  These areas are:

  • Local, regional, and state labor market needs.
  • Education and training requirements for occupations that will fill labor market needs.
  • Process to engage parents regarding ACP services provided and opportunities to participate.
  • Description of career and technical education (CTE) programming available.
  • Staff professional development for ACP delivery.
  • Action items the district will use to meet education for employment requirements.
  • Strategy to engage business, post-secondary education, and workforce development. /li>

Our ACP program directly connects to the Algoma Idea and Algoma School District’s philosophy- “Small Town Values, Big World Opportunities.”

Four Stages of a Student’s Academic and Career Planning

The Department of Public Instruction has defined the four stages of Academic and Career Planning:

Know, Explore, Plan, Go!

Students in the Algoma School District will have the opportunity to explore each of the stages as it relates to their individual journey.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about each stage.

4 Steps to Academic Career Planning

This stage of Academic and Career Planning is about students developing an awareness of self. Through collaborative conversations with parents, educators, and the community, students will have multiple opportunities to develop an understanding of their personal interests, skills, values, and strengths.

Self Awareness (KNOW)

Students will engage in:

  • Periodic self-assessment of interests and strengths
  • Reflection and goal-setting
  • Financial knowledge and understanding of resources
  • Academic courses and skill preparation
  • Behavioral and employability skill preparation

Students will take the Learning Styles Inventory and the Matchmaker Assessment through Career Cruising. Their personalized results will help them better understand how their interests align to various career pathways. This assessment also provides students with the information needed to do in-depth exploration and research on career clusters/careers of interest.

This stage is about students discovering and learning about the many academic and career opportunities available based on a foundational awareness and understanding of interests, skills, values, and strengths. This exploration stage will help students narrow down the options to further explore pathways that fit them best, so that they may begin planning a course of action.

Career Exploration (EXPLORE)

  • Middle school career exploration activities and opportunities
  • High school career exploration activities and opportunities
  • World of work and labor market needs
  • Understanding and comparing different postsecondary education and training

Students will complete the Matchmaker Assessment through Career Cruising  and will use their results to learn about careers that match their interests, skills, values, and strengths.

The Workforce and Labor Market
It is important to have an understanding of the jobs available within our state and community in order to develop a realistic postsecondary plan. However, the labor market is constantly changing and it can be difficult to get an up-to-date snapshot of current and future employment projections.

Through Career Cruising, all students have access to labor market information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other local data sources, as well as projections from across the 16 career clusters that will help inform their ACP journey.

The planning stage is all about connecting the dots from student’s short and long-term goals to what they need to know and do in order to successfully navigate after high school. The plan will help students take the appropriate courses, extracurriculars, and experiences that will enhance each student’s plan. Throughout this stage, students will utilize Career Cruising as well as other school-designated resources/tools to help them develop and document their academic and career plans.

Career Planning (PLAN)

  • Planning skills
  • The middle school plan
  • The high school plan

Remember, there is no wrong pathway to success, and through ACP we will ensure that all students travel the road to adulthood equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be successful in tomorrow’s workforce.

Career Management (GO)

  • Executing the plan
  • Updating the plan with new information and artifacts
  • Conferencing and mentoring
  • Transitioning ACP components