Algoma Education Capital Fund Algoma High School Algoma, WI

Hello Alumni and Friends of Algoma High School!

Have you ever considered giving back to the Algoma School District’s students to help them achieve success like you have?

If so, we would like to introduce the Algoma Education Capital Fund (AECF), started by a group of AHS alumni, each with a strong passion for finding ways to give back to the District’s students and drive projects within the District that promote student achievement.

We invite you to support the mission and share your resources by making a donation, becoming involved, and sharing this information — including our Facebook page — with your like-minded friends.

To find out how you can become involved or if you have any questions please contact any of the team members or email Jaris Briski at

Thank you in advance for sharing your resources.

Scholarship Program

AECF is thrilled to once again partner with area residents and organizations to help administer scholarships to Algoma High School seniors. The 2021 application period is now open.  

Applications are now being accepted for the following scholarships:

  • Muskrat City Sportman’s Club Scholarship
  • Janice (Dettman) Hanamann Scholarship

Applications and instructions are posted on the AECF Scholarship page here.

Applications are due April 1, 2021 at 3:30PM

General Information About AECF

Mission Statement
The Algoma Education Capital Fund strives to provide resources in support of the capital and scholarship needs of the Algoma School District’s students by creating an efficient means for alumni and community members to share their resources.

AECF has been set up under the 501(c)(3) of the existing Algoma Area Education Foundation with AECF focusing on an additional avenue for alumni to provide resources that enhance the AHS student’s educational experience.

Scholarship Objective

The objective of the Algoma Education Capital Fund (AECF) scholarship is to provide scholarships to upcoming and/or past AHS graduates. It is AECF’s intention to offer scholarships to as many qualified applicants as the fund has the capacity for while creating an endowment for the future. The criteria and process for scholarships applicants has not been fully developed; AECF plans to develop this in the future in hopes of offering scholarships in 2019 or sooner.

Captial Fund Objectives

  1. Giving Back: To develop a means by which alumni and community can share their resources in support of Algoma educational needs.
  2. Outreach and Awareness: To develop communication methods to reach alumni and the supporting community of Algoma/Kewaunee County thereby creating awareness of our fund’s mission and methods of donation.
  3. Donation Processing: To develop an efficient and secure means for donations through a mobile/online platform as well as direct cash donations.
  4. Transparency: To create visibility for donors of how AECF is using the donated funds.
  5. Partnership: To work closely with the Algoma Area Education Foundation and others in the community who share common goals in support of the Algoma School District.

The Team

Patrick Robinson, Class of 1990  ||  Kevin Naze, Class of 1980  ||  Jeff Lee, Class of 1991  ||  Jaris Briski, Class of 1991

Dean Blahnik, Class of 1984 ||  Teal VanLanen, District Wellness Coordinator  ||  Robyn Harper, Class of 2015 parent

Making A Donation

Click on the Donate button below for the specific fund to which you wish to donate.  Use of donations to the General Fund will be voted on by the AECF committee.

During the checkout process, you can choose to make your donation a one-time contribution or a recurring donation.Donate with PayPal

If you would prefer to donate directly via check, please send your donation to:
Algoma Education Capital Fund
c/o Nick Cochart
1715 Division Street
Algoma, WI 54201

Please include your year of graduation, and if applicable, maiden name, and fund designation.

If you would like to discuss your donation prior to making it, please contact Jaris Briski at

The AECF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

General Fund Donations

Capital Fund Donations

Scholarship Fund Donations

More Information and FAQs

Wall of Inspiration 

One of the first capital projects AECF would like to support is an idea brought forward by AHS Principal Cochart. Nominations are being accepted for the inaugural Wall of Inspiration inductees!  More information about the project and the nomination process can be found under the Wall of Inspiration tab below.

Principal Cochart has a vision for a Wall of Inspiration within the Algoma School District….here is his vision. Every great organization is built on the common values of leadership, service to others, and continuous improvement.  The purpose of the wall of inspiration is to recognize those individuals who have excelled in their respective field and dedicated their lives to building a sense of community.

Algoma is a unique place that fosters an environment of collaboration, resourcefulness, and inclusion.  It is my hope that by recognizing those that paved the way for our current work we can inspire future generations to dream of the impossible and work to make it a reality.

The Algoma Education Capital Fund is a collection of human capital that must be supported in order for our district to continually innovate and support the next generation of human capital development.  Furthermore, it should be noted that the wall of inspiration is NOT an athletic hall of fame but rather a recognition of those individuals who excelled off the field for their unique talents and commitment to community development.

Documentation: Nomination/Selection FAQs  |  Candidate Nomination Form

The AECF believes in providing as much transparency as possible so donors are aware of how their financial resources are being utilized in support of the capital and scholarship needs of the Algoma School District’s students.

AECF Financials Since Inception Through August 2018 (updated semi-annually)
Donations                     $2,100.00
Expenses                           $15.00 (credit card donation fees)
Scholarships                $1,250.00
Projects                               $0.00
Fund Balance                 $835.00

Scholarships Funded

  • Mueller/Curtin Scholarships were awarded in 2018, 2019, and 2020 and funds were disbursed directly from the donor to the scholarship winners’ school.
  • Muskrat City Sportsman’s Club Scholarships were awarded in 2018, 2019, and 2020, and funds were disbursed by AECF to the scholarship winners’ school
  • James Blahnik were awarded in 2019 and 2020, and funds were disbursed directly from the donor to the scholarship winners’ school.

Projects Funded

Accepting nominations for the AHS Wall of Inspiration (see above).

Alumni & Community Members Who Have Shared Their Resources 

Blaine Berg
Blane Charles
Greg and April Panger
James Brey
Janet Servais
Jaris and Tonia Briski
George Galvan
Kathy Kohlbeck
Mary and Steve Curtin
Muskrat City Sportsman’s Club
Pat and Jaime Robinson
Rory Groessl
Stacy Deprey

Frequently Asked Questions

What % of donated money will be used for scholarships or capital projects?

Our intent is to keep our overhead and administrative costs very low. All the individuals involved in this effort are volunteers. One-hundred percent of donated funds, less minimal expenses, will be used for scholarships or capital projects, activities that directly support those activities, or building the endowment for future scholarships or capital projects.

How will a donor know what capital projects the money is used for?

All of our funded projects will be listed on our website and will also be announced on our social media sites

What is the scholarship criteria?

The scholarship is open to all Algoma High School senior students pursuing a postsecondary education. Proof of enrollment in a postsecondary school will be required. Specific criteria are being developed and will be posted on the scholarship section.

The evaluation of scholarship applicants will be done with the applicant’s name removed to prevent any bias; in addition, members of the AECF Board of Directors will remove themselves from the evaluation if they have a relative applying for the scholarship.

When will be first scholarship be given?

We hope to offer the first scholarships during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Where should I submit the application?

The application materials will be submitted through this website once the application form is available. If you need assistance with your application or have any questions, please send an email to

Will there be one or multiple scholarship awards?

It is AECF’s intention to offer scholarships to as many qualified applicants as the fund has the capacity for while creating an endowment for the future.

Is the scholarship given one time or can a person apply for another scholarship after graduation?

At this time, we plan to offer one-time scholarships. If we are able to develop sufficient financial resources, we may offer alumni engaged in a postsecondary education to apply annually after high school graduation

How will a donor know who wins the scholarship(s)?

Scholarship recipients will be acknowledged and celebrated on our website and social media sites and through appropriate community outlets, such as the newspaper.[

If you have a question that has not been answered here or would like more information about the fund, please contact Jaris Briski at