Live Algoma

A community model the world will follow.

Live Algoma, a local community coalition spanning the Algoma School District footprint, invites community members to engage in their personal wellbeing and the overall health of our community.

Check out the Live Algoma site for the full story.

Our Four Objectives

Committing to Social and Economic Health and Well Being

Developing Youth Leadership Capacities

Spreading and Scaling the Use of Improvement Science: PDSA process of Plan, Do, Study, Act

Improving Nutrition and Local Food Consumption: Smarter Lunchroom initiative, Switch Thinking Framework

The Six Areas of Momentum

Community Conversations

Gathering the community, talking about things that are happening and how to engage more people in the work.

Bright Spot Events

Recognize individuals and organizations that are doing things really well and we have them share their work with our community and others to recognize them so others working on the same thing can learn and partner with them. 

Youth Engagement

When they have a spotlight to present to key stakeholders or across the country/world or physical presentations somewhere else. Projects they are involved in or tools and concepts they learned through SCALE

Site Visits & Tours

Singapore, Sweden, West Virginia. Not just for activation teams, but the community itself.

PDSA (Plan – Do- Study- Act Cycle) & Ways of Being

These have engaged like wildfire. High engagement and use from improvement projects. It’s our ask of the community and we support them through these tools and concepts and it builds momentum in the community. It’s tailored to fit who is doing it.

Transformational leaders

(may be more of a by-product of the above) Coaching and support, they are driving the work and we are alongside