Want to schedule a COVID-19 test?

Step 1: Complete the screening survey and pre-register your student at COVID Connect.

Step 2: Make sure Algoma School District has the consent form to test for COVID-19 on file. If not, please print off and have students bring the consent to the office. Extra paper copies will be available in the school office at both buildings.

Click here for the COVID-19 Testing Consent form.

Step 3: Call the school nurse at 487-7001 ext. 1110  to schedule an appointment.

If the school nurse does not answer, call either school office secretary to schedule an  appointment at 487-7001.

This testing option is available to students and staff at the Algoma School District at no charge.

Antigen (rapid) tests and PCR tests are both available at Algoma School District.

Test results will be emailed to the guardians email address that was provided on the COVID Connect website.

Testing is available at the Algoma Elementary School and Algoma Middle/High School Monday thru Friday during normal school hours.

Any questions about testing? Please contact the school nurse at 487-7001 ext. 1110.