Academic Standards

Wisconsin Act 55 requires school boards to clearly identify and adopt the academic standards that are in effect. The standards specify what students should know and be able to do in the classroom thus will serve as goals for teaching and learning.

The Algoma School District shall use the:

  • Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Math,
  • Next Generation Science Standards for Science,
  • Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards for Four Year Old Kindergarten,
  • Wisconsin Academic Standards for all other content area subjects.There will be additional emphasis on specific course/grade level learning outcomes and benchmarks.

Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Math

Please see the Common Core Parent brochure listings for more specific information.

Common Core Parent Brochures

The brochures linked below summarize the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics. Included for each grade level are things parents can do at home to help support the Common Core. The brochures below are also offered in English (Eng) and Español (Esp).

Kindergarten (Eng)Kindergarten (Esp)
First Grade (Eng)1er Grado (Esp)
Second Grade (Eng)2do Grado (Esp)
Third Grade (Eng)3er Grado (Esp)
Fourth Grade (Eng)4to Grado (Esp)
Fifth Grade (Eng)5to Grado (Esp)
Sixth Grade (Eng)6to Grado (Esp)
Seventh Grade (Eng)7mo Grado (Esp)
Eighth Grade (Eng)8vo Grado (Esp)
High School English Language Arts (Eng) | High School English Language Arts (Esp)
High School Math (Eng)Matematica en la Escuela Preparatoria (Esp)

Science: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Parent Resources
Why Next Generation Standards?

Parent Q & A

Resources for parents and students to have fun with science at home:

How Stuff Works
A source for clear, reliable explanations of how everything around us actually works.

Kids Design Network
Investigate a challenge, dream up a design, and draw your plans on the computer. Then, using the Internet, you can show your design to a real engineer! Best of all it’s free!

Enter the NASA portal to explore the many facets of NASA. Learn the latest in space news; find math, science, and technology activities for home or the classroom; shoot a cannonball into orbit; or design your own mission to Mars. It’s all just a few clicks away!

Wisconsin Academic Standards

4 Year Old Kindergarten: Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Art & Design Education

Business and Information Technology

Family and Consumer Sciences

Health Education

Health Science

Information and Technology Literacy

Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship

Music Education

Physical Education

School Counseling

Social Studies

Technology and Engineering

Theatre Education

World Languages


The Algoma School District offers curriculum that thoughtfully employs collaborative methodologies to deliver rigorous course material. As early as 4K and continuing into high school, students are at the center of teaching and learning.  Through dynamic lessons, well-crafted courses, and sophisticated curriculum mapping, teachers deliver a coordinated and highly engaging program.  The curriculum in the Algoma School District provides a strong foundation in all major academic subject areas, including the arts, and inspires a lifelong love of learning.

The Algoma School District graduates students who:

  • Have mastery of all core academic subjects.
  • Possess an appreciation and understanding of the arts.
  • Face challenges with self-confidence and a willingness to risk failure.
  • Approach new ideas and experiences openly.
  • Think flexibly in problem-solving.
  • Adopt innovative technologies and methodologies readily.
  • Assess and synthesize information critically.
  • Communicate with respect for content, form, and audience.
  • Work independently as well as collaboratively.
  • Act responsibly as global citizens.
  • Value lifelong learning.


The Algoma Assessment System is designed to match the recommendations for a balanced assessment system as defined by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Balanced Assessment System includes state, district, and classroom-based assessment tools. The multiple assessment types will support instructional planning, school-improvement planning, curriculum, program evaluation, district-wide resource planning and decision making, and accountability.

Assessment Calendar
Algoma School District 2015-16 Assessment Calendar (PDF)

Information for Parents about Assessment in Wisconsin

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