College Scholarships and Financial Aid

It is important that students understand all the financial aid options available during his or her college decision-making process. In addition to college application deadlines, individual colleges and Federal and state programs have application deadlines for financial assistance that must be met in order to be considered for all available financial aid. Financial Aid refers to the wide variety of programs that help students and families pay for college or graduate school.

More than 15 million students are enrolled in postsecondary study in the United States. Over half of these students receive some form of financial aid.

How is student aid determined?
Student aid is based on either financial need or merit-based need.

Most student aid, federal or not, is awarded to students based on their families’ financial need.

Algoma School District will provide links to scholarships that are offered specifically to our students as well as other scholarships that we feel would be of interest.  Links to resources that will be helpful to the college-bound student when planning  also be posted.  These lists are not exhaustive and we encourage you to do research on your own to be sure you are taking advantage of the wide variety of opportunities available to finance your education.

Financial Aid is available in four forms:

  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Loans
  •  Work-study

Three major sources provide the bulk of student financial aid:

  • Federal government
  • State governments
  • Colleges and universities

Scholarships Available

If your organization or place of employment has a scholarship that would be of interest to the students of our school, please contact the guidance office at (920)-487-7001 ext. 2306.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources