Wolf Den

Doing What Matters

Wolf Den is a student lead after-school program where students learn skills that will increase their social and emotional capacity while being in a safe and productive environment.

Wolf Den supplies students with tools and opportunities to:

  • grow socially and emotionally while doing a variety of hands-on activities 
  • develop skills to help manage stress
  • develop basic life skills
  • expand life-long relationships with peers, high school students, and community members.

Here is the Wolf Den meal train website if you would like to check it out! You can donate a meal and you can even stay and have dinner with us if you would like!

The Wolves and Pups would love to see all of you!!! Come and eat, have great conversations, and get to know the wolves and pups. 

Contact Information

Erin Ballone
Phone 920-487-7001 ext. 2108

Jaime Robinson
Phone 920-487-7001 ext 1118