Administration of any medication to students is governed by Wisconsin Statute 118.29

General Information:

  • Written parent/guardian permission is required prior to administration of medication (see below forms)
  • Medication will only be accepted at school in original containers or labeled pharmacy bottles.
  • Medication must be transported to and from school by an adult
  • There are certain medications that, with permission, students may carry and self-administer (ex: inhlaers, epinephrine, insulin). Contact the nursing office to make arrangements. 487-7001 ext. 1110

Click here To Download The Medication Consent Form

  • Please fill out this form for Prescription, Over-the-Counter and Asthma Medication turn in to the school office
  • Prescription and/or Asthma Medication will need a provider signature, to assist you, staff can fax the form to the provider for a signature
  • Over-The-Counter, Herbal Supplements and/or Essential Oils will need provider signature if taken in dosage other than recommended therapeutic dose

Click here to download the directions for parents on how to fill out the Medication Consent Form

  • These directions should guide you if you have questions on how to fill out the form. Otherwise please call the Nursing Office at school 487-7001 ext. 1110