Algoma High School: Preparing Students For Success In A Changing World

The Algoma High School provides a variety of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom to maximize the unique talents and abilities of its students.

With a culture of high expectations and the knowledge they need to become successful, lifelong learners, Algoma High School students will be fully equipped to pursue various post-secondary plans such as entering the workforce, joining the military, developing skills at a technical college, or pursuing a four-year degree.

Algoma High School’s graduation requirements meet or exceed the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s requirements across the board.  With a wide selection of Advanced Placement courses, the Youth Options Program and through partnerships with UW Oshkosh, UW Green Bay, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and local businesses, our students have the capacity to earn in excess of 20 college credits prior to graduation, most free of charge.

Lakeview Regional Technical Academy

In partnership with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, the Lakeview Regional Technical Academy provides a seamless transition to postsecondary training with expanded course offerings and access to advanced training. Our efforts in providing an integrated education through STEAM, a collaborative fusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,and Mathematics, will enable our students to better meet the needs of employers in the future.

Our students have access to perhaps the most technologically advanced Career and Technical Education resources in Northeast Wisconsin.